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It contains one or various additives other than the elements that an ordinary steel contains at very low ratios. These steels, specifically of which silisium ratio is high (between 1,30 and 2%), manganese ratio is 0,75% and flexibility limit and hardness are high, are used in the basic pile sections due to its fatigue strength.

From order to delivery, Davutoğlu Demir prioritizes making delivery of materials in due of time by making the supply planning of orders. Delivering the requested products on time completely constitutes the business approach of Davutoğlu Demir. Offering service to every corner of Turkeyt to its wide sales and distribution network determines the business principles of Davutoğlu Demir. lts strong supply network functions as a solid bridge between its suppliers and custom­ers. it is a mission adopted by Davutoğlu Demir to increase the customer satisfaction by improving the performance of material delivery by means of strong supply. it is the vision of Davutoğlu Demir to increase the quality by fulfilling the customer demands in the best way and keeping pace with changes in the market in a shorter time.

Thanks to its wide range of products and rich stocks, Davutoğlu Demir is able to fulling the customer demands in due of time with its wide range of products and rich stock based on stock working. Thanks to its rich stock structure, Davutoğlu Demir fulfills instant needs of customers and offers service to its custoemrs with dynamic solution partner concept. Demiroğlu Demir meets its customers with a standandized quality by developing its product portfolio.

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